What we do

Complex PR

We will help you build a „media face" of your personality, event, long-term project – your picture under which you will be perceived by the media and the public. We know how to sell your positive aspects and work to improve weaker points.

Based on the client´s expectations we prepare a comprehensive tailored package of PR - services - media plan, which is based on in-depth analysis of target groups and which will lead us/you to clearly defined objectives through a well-defined strategy and a systematic and purposeful communication.

Part of the comprehensive PR is providing ongoing media training to our clients. For each individual, the manager, the athlete, the art of speaking in public is an indispensable skill. It is possible to achieve effective expression in contact with the media, respectively with the public, through the properly targeted training.

Our knowledge of the media environment and the ability to communicate effectively with the media in an effort to achieve common goals is an essential tool especially for crisis communication – we work with particular media individually according to their focus and the possibilities of use for our clients. As part of our activities, we offer clients a service of a professional spokesman with extensive personal contacts in the media sector and experience of work in media.


Web and social networks

We are able to create the "visual face" of our clients starting with the logo (events and individuals) and basic design. Since we are creative, each of our website is prepared with an emphasis on the individuality of the client - individuals or events with an emphasis on the objectives of communication to achieve through this instrument.

We focus on communication through social media or online networks respectively, direct contact with target groups, and prefer quality over quantity.

Given the rich experience in journalism, we are able to manage contents of the official websites and social networks in multiple languages.

Virtual mixzone

We deliver the online platform for every event and all forms of media with all the interviews streamed live from a virtual mixed zone, virtual press conference room or branded TV studio. Our solution connects media that are not able to be on-site with the athletes.

Via a web platform we deliver photographies and videos ready to download shortly after the interviews in press and TV quality.

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Photo and video

One of the basic elements of a quality PR is a good "image" - professionally processed photos and comprehensive video documentation are currently in the era of the social media a necessary part of the presentation of personalities and events.

We cooperate with professional sports photographers and a video team, who look (not only) at sport through the details and emotions, and thus are able to view individuals, resp. event / project in a completely original and attractive way. Promotional and image video or photographs, or photo reports - everything is always processed originally.

Within the top events, we have a television crew available for the news coverage with the possibility of acquisition of video interviews in several languages.

Media operations

We are able to comprehensively secure the full package of media operation within the particular events, which involves not only the media management but also preparation of the proper work conditions already in the planning phase before the event, as well as during the event.

As part of a media operation we provide operation of the press center, tribunes, mixed zone (as a place for the interviews) and implementation of interviews, respectively press conferences.

We have specialists in our team to provide television operations and coordination of photographers and their specific activities. In order to ensure media operations we work closely with IT and technology experts.

Part of the media operations is to provide sports tournaments, seminars, training sessions, company presentations, press conferences, exhibitions and workshops.